Switching from MacBook Pro to a Windows laptop

Somewhere in 2007 I was using my computer for programming, a few games and (web)design – In those days some coworkers already had imported the all new iPhone and everyone had iPods.  And in that moment of time Apple release their new iMac 24”. It was arguable the most beautiful designed computer that was ever presented to consumers and well I decided to take the jump to apple’s OSX.

I remember that playing games on a mac was somewhat difficult in those days – but I had a Xbox console anyway. In my mind, not being able to play games on the iMac was a pro – I would be more productive, because there would be less distraction. You see, I really loved the way the iMac looked and I wanted one.

So, I jumped aboard the OSX train and I couldn’t say I missed Windows a lot. OSX was beautiful and most of all it shipped with great software like iMovie and I also remember that iPhoto and it’s slideshow function was something I would show my dad a lot to impress.

In 2010 steam was released for OSX, so games could be played as well – and with that the productivity went out of the window: I could play Counterstrike again.

Because I was happy with everything from apple (phones, computers) I kept adding or trading in for other macs. And up until now, I had a quite expensive MacBook Pro. Bought to use for Programming iOS apps, running VM’s and play some games. But the MacBook Pro is just over 2 years old and it’s having difficulties with some newer games. Now it’s a laptop so you have to accept that it won’t run all that great, but when I was looking around I realized I can buy a great new gaming laptop for about half the price of the MacBook Pro. And windows looks way better than when I left it in 2007

But what about developing apps? Well I just happen to have seen a presentation of Xamarin – a tool in which you can build native apps for iOS and Android by coding in C#. And I am willing to give that a try. Sure, I will need to pick up C# skills. But that would be a nice challenge. A way to keep me of the path of distractions that lure around the corner of a gaming machine.

And on this note I will switch back from an all-apple-household to include a new member: An Asus G501V with Windows 10. Of course, I am skeptical if the transition back to windows will go as easy as it was to switch from windows to OSX ten years ago. And like a good apple fanboy I feel a bit like I am opening the door for a stab in my back. Don’t think I will not be extra alert - I named the new laptop “TheonGreyjoy”. I will keep you posted to what the future will bring.