HP Spectre X360 - first impression

For a good time now, I had resisted the temptation of buying a Surface Book. When Microsoft announced their Surface Book 2, I was put to a bigger test. The surface Book 2 seemed to be everything I wanted: a laptop, a touch screen (not just a touch bar), a device good enough to game on. But there are two flaws.... one the price. I've added it to my basket a few times, but never went through, the price of the Surface Book 2 (and also just the surface pro) is high. and two: I really want a 15" laptop and the 13" version was going to be released in both US and EU,  but the 15" would be exclusive to just the US.

I use my computer on the dinnertable. I dont have a pc-desk or anything. The dinnertable is not exclusively used for computing, in our household we also use it for diner.  So thats why even though I would like have the biggest screen to code, browse and game on, I still need it to be a laptop. To move it out of the way, when we are using the table for other activities.

So after checking lots of reviews of laptops at MobileTechReview I finally saw a nice contender to the Microsoft Surface Book 2: namely the Spectre X360 15 inch. When Lisa Gade spoke about the specs, I was quite impressed. When it came to the price tag I was even more tempted. As it was almost black friday, I figured I would check the price of the laptop at that sale. When the day came, I decided to take the plunge.

Back to now: I have used the HP Spectre X360 15-bl110 for about three weeks. Up till now my high expectations were matched. I use the tabletmode for browing on the couch and for drawing (but i am fully aware that my refound interest in drawing will probably soon ebb away, when the novelty runs off), the touchscreen is a nice-to-have, which I use occasionally, and i've played some Skyrim on it. Though the fan does make some noise when using the MX150 graphical card. Now this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, but because the laptop is 2 kilos, it makes it a bit too heavy to use as an actual tablet. You need to sit and put it on your legs or just let it rest on a table. 

The handwriting recognition these days is impressive. I wrote some example lines to train handwriting recognition and now it seems to be able to guess what i wrote almost always correctly. And really, my handwriting could have been used as encryption technology up till 2 years ago. 

As a gaming laptop it might be better to eventually add an external gpu, which is a real option because of the two way USB-C-port. For coding, casual gaming, browsing and watching 4K-videos it is "the bee's knees".