Asus support disappoints a little

My laptop was delivered with Windows 10. If you want to test Xamarin apps on android, you must install Hyper-V and that is available on Windows 10 Pro only. Hence, I decided to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. After all, I still had some money left in my budget, because my new Asus G501V was way cheaper than a new MacBook Pro.

On friday I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro - which seemed to work just fine. However later that evening suddenly the screen started to flicker occasionally, seemingly at random. The day after, it was like the screen flickered even more. I am a rational human being and I search for causalities: this sudden start of flickering right after upgrading seemed a too big of a coincidence. So, on saturday morning I mailed Asus support with some attached video of my flickering screen. Their response came on Monday - which is reasonable fast in hindsight (for a big company). They wrote: "Sorry that you have trouble with your new laptop. We have not tested it with Windows 10 Pro and we can't guarantee that it will work".

I remember when I called Apple when my MacBook Pro started making a weird little noise whenever I clicked the trackpad. Apple told me to bring it to a store and even though it took some days to fix, they fixes it. the Asus response was less impressive. Sure, one is hardware related and the other one was caused by upgrading the OS, but still. You prefer your laptop supplier to give you some solutions, especially on a week young laptop.

Luckily, I didn't really need the response of the ASUS support. Instead, over the weekend I reinstalled Windows 10 Pro via a clean install as opposed to an upgrade. And that seemed to have fixed my flickering monitor issue.

Edited: months later: It fixed it. The flickering never returned. To ASUS Support: I’ve tested your laptop with Windows 10 Pro and it works.