Annoyances in OSX

So earlier I wrote that I didn’t look back when I switched from windows to Mac. But there were two things that annoyed me greatly when I went to OSX.

The first one, that I eventually learned to live with was that to open a document you have to type “Command-O” instead of “Enter”. I think I’ve accidentally opened rename a file (the function of Enter) a thousand times. Mainly caused by the fact that I worked with a windows machine at work and opening would be a more logical function for Enter.

The second annoyance I have with OSX – it is impossible to create a new file from the file explorer. I understand that Apple wanted its users to never worry about filesystems and directories (that’s how they introduced iCloud at the beginning). But somehow, I think not being able to make a new “text file” was an oversight. I am not the only one, you can read some peoples' workarounds here

A bonus annoyance with OSX - there is no shift-delete to delete files directly instead of putting them in the recycle bin.